Friday, March 12, 2010

Fiore Di Maggio

Since real life got in the way of me blogging last week, this week, I'm giving you two for the price of one! yay!
I often try to find an interesting location in which to shoot pictures for Riviera Couture. Since I'm not as great of a photographer as Cicci, the locations I shoot hopefully do the fashions justice and enhance their beauty. :)
When I changed into Fiore di Maggio in red, I knew I had to take these pictures at Rouge. It's an amazing art installation made by Eshi Otawara which runs as a fab nightclub and store owned by CodeBastard Redgrave. Codie was more than welcoming, and I encourage you to spend some time (and lindens) there! Tons of pin-up girl photos, red & black feathers, incredible design and fantasic music--just awesome! Now, on with the Riviera Couture FASHION!
I feel like I repeat myself, but when you buy nearly any ensemble from Riviera Couture, you'll get so many options in the way you wear it. Fiore di Maggio is no exception! You get 2 different top options, as well as bra & panty set, and 2 skirt lengths that you can wear separately or together. I tried to do a little pinup shot to go with those I found on the wall: Fiore Di Maggio in Ivory has just as many ways in which to wear. I think it'd even make a fun wedding gown, too! Get either one--or both--at Riviera Couture!

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