Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mistress --The Big Deal

Options...I love them! Especially with clothing! If you want eleventy-billion options, then get the Big Deal pack of Mistress at Riviera Couture! The Big Deal package is filled with many optional pieces such as the jacket and 3 different tops...but wait, that's not all. You can choose to wear the lovely lace embellishment on your neck or waist. Jacket on or off, different top colors, with or without jacket layer...here's just a few (!) that I came up with. Get to Riviera Couture for your many options--perfect for this time of year, and summer, too! /me fills the feed with pics Oh, and you can wear them all without the jacket, too!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bollywood Sunset and Bollywood Night

While everyone else on the grid is thinking snow and the holidays, I wanted a gorgeous sunset, so I put on my Riviera Couture Bollywood Sunset and enjoyed the view. You can too! This scrumptious ensemble in satin glory is available in three colors: Sunrise (already blogged) Sunset and Night. The amazing jewel tones are absolutely brilliant!
Vibrant colors and textures of the Indian fabric are no less than stunning! The top wraps beautifully over one shoulder and around the waist, gathered in the back and cinched with flowing scarves.

I just love how the skirts flow like waves, so beautifully!

Get Bollywood Sunrise, Sunset and Night at Riviera Couture. If you want to purchase them as gifts, you can do so on Xstreet.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Glamour Elle

Glamour Elle is amazing Italian design that can be worn during the day with a jacket or really spice it up in the evening at the club! It comes with a pocketbook, to keep your cell, i.d. and lipstick!
Intricate lace envelopes your shape with what could only be described as a cross between spandex and satin covering your naughty bits! ;) It's accented by lace points at the hip, elbows and collar. The mini skirt is draped just-so on the hips, in a perfect leggy way. Of course, if you choose not to wear a certain layer, it'd be revealing, for those "special" nights...Couture and sexy, all at once!
It's simply fabulous, and you MUST have this in your slwardrobe!! Get it TODAY at Riviera Couture!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Masquerade, shown in black, is a divine couture mix of lingerie and evening gown. Its magnificent top and bottom could equally be seen on the beach, sans skirt and fluffy lace collar. Shall we speak of the top? Scinillating in the way it barely covers the breasts and plunges on the waist; mirrored on the back, as it plunges down the *ahem* behind. The skirt is an ample bit of fluff only to be outdone by the lacy fluff of the collar. To me, the collar is the piece de resistance--the finishing touch to this lacy, racy, couture ensemble!! Get yours, at Riviera Couture!

Shown here at the Addictive Sim--home of Riviera Couture!