Thursday, January 28, 2010

Betty Page will knock your socks off!

Riviera Couture's Betty Page has sort of a retro-70's feel, with turquoise halter short ensemble trimmed with eye-popping turquoise glitter around the cuffs and back. An added enhancement is the turquoise bow at the cleavage. Do a fast change by adding the Betty-fabulous skirt for a sexy-glam look; the slip into the jacket for a slightly more formal event. Betty Page would be proud--get it at Riviera Couture.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

V for Vanessa and Versatility

Vanessa, by Riviera Couture is so very can go from day, to club, to glamourous evening out, all in one lovely folder! (if only my real life were so simple!)
You're sure to love the sophisticated pinstriped flair-legged pant suit, (or leggings if you choose) accentuated by a deep, plunging neckline, highlighted by a sinewy, flowing scarf, draped about your neck.
Hit the clubs in the pant suit...then, if you need a quick change for a formal event, pop on the "skyrt" and you're glam all the way! Straight from the runway, you'll look amazing! At Riviera Couture.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


PearlStar in White, Red, Gold, and Dark are simply sexy, definitely sumptuous!! (pardon the quality of photos, I'm having some graphics setting issues atm). The moment I put them on, I wanted to find a club for dancing! The movement of the skirting is phenomenal with attachments on each thigh, it appears as though you're wearing hanging pearls. The bodysuit is a sparkling sequin fabric trimmed with black piping, which is perfect for a night at the club. If you're hitting the clubs, you MUST stop by Riviera Couture FIRST and get at least one of the PearlStar dresses, if not the whole FATPACK!
For more photos of Riviera Couture, go here. There are some stunning photos from Cicci (Mr. G) as well as other group members. I can only aspire to do as well!