Sunday, April 25, 2010


As soon as I saw this gown at the new location of Riviera Couture, I knew I HAD to have it! Purple (and every color in the purple family!) is my favorite color, so this one was a must for me. A gorgeous hue of violet fabric halter plunges into a deep v at the cleavage. This gorgeous gown is form-fitting into a flowing skirt that makes use of just the right attachment points. And speaking of the skirting, it's ingenious, the way the two layers play off of one another--one, being a violet lace along with the other, the gorgeous violet gradiating to black. I adore the gradient color of violet deepening into black then once again fading to violet at the skirt's hem! The gorgeous color is decorated by a delicate celtic knot design in the fabric, accentuating your figure.
Go, get your Violeta gown at Riviera Couture, you'll be so glad you did!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Romantic Bloom

When Mr G passed me Romantic Bloom, I fainted from all of my choices!
(pose by Mr G) --aka Cicciuzzo Gausman--owner of Riviera Couture.

You can bring this to the bedroom....

or take it to the dance floor! Romantic Bloom...perfect for spring. A must-have for you! Get it at Riviera Couture! From the stockings that blend seamlessly into the skirt, to the jacket that makes the sheer dress more full coverage, you have so many options! This is the hot, sexy outfit you need this spring!

Monday, April 12, 2010


If you're ever joining Indiana Jones on an archaelogical dig, you'll want this amazing suit dress by Riviera Couture, Desert. As always, Riviera Couture has given you more--2 combinations in one lovely shopping bag!
The woven fabric fits perfectly over your body, plunging neckline, allowing you to stay cool, and look steamy. It's made more formal by the addition of a skirt made from the weave and highlighted by a silk sash.
Shorts are belted at the hips with a durable, but sweet, woven leather camel belt.
Enjoy the heat...Desert, from Riviera Couture.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Riviera Couture has done it again, with SARAH.
Spring is in the air, and with Sarah, you'll have enough choices in wearability, you'll never have to buy anything else until summer! I decided to head over to the Garden of Dreams for the photos.
First, I had a little picnic while wearing just the top & pants and would I describe all the fabulous feelings I have wearing Sarah?
Then, I decided to let the photos do the talking...enough with my ramblings. Enjoy the photos, then RUN to Riviera Couture's newest location on Sway and get Sarah!
(just the top & long skirt--the design of the fabric is just GORGEOUS)
(Just the top & long skirt-full length)
(Babydoll top plus the long skirt)

(Babydoll top & pants)