Sunday, April 4, 2010


Riviera Couture has done it again, with SARAH.
Spring is in the air, and with Sarah, you'll have enough choices in wearability, you'll never have to buy anything else until summer! I decided to head over to the Garden of Dreams for the photos.
First, I had a little picnic while wearing just the top & pants and would I describe all the fabulous feelings I have wearing Sarah?
Then, I decided to let the photos do the talking...enough with my ramblings. Enjoy the photos, then RUN to Riviera Couture's newest location on Sway and get Sarah!
(just the top & long skirt--the design of the fabric is just GORGEOUS)
(Just the top & long skirt-full length)
(Babydoll top plus the long skirt)

(Babydoll top & pants)

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