Friday, February 26, 2010

Jo Jo

Jo Jo is a sassy, flirty, outspoken girl's perfect "little black dress". Black, lace bodice & skirt with white lace accenting that leans toward the puffy shirt accentuation, it moves and flows with every toss of the hip. Perfect for clubs as well as for him to take home to mother...Jo Jo...make her part of your Riviera Couture collection today.
*disclaimer* If your significant other doesn't feel warm & tingly while you're wearing this, then seek medical help. *wink*

Monday, February 15, 2010

China Gold Just 100L at Riviera Couture!

Peruse the 100L room at Riviera Couture & you'll find this amazing oriental silk pant & jacket set, China Xtra Gold. The silk fabric glides over your body effortlessly, and is ornate with Chinese medallions, yet comfortable in its sleek fit. The black and gold shades are rich and vibrant.At only 100L this will fit your slwallet nicely. Get it, today, at Riviera Couture!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Imagine lounging by the pool in a gorgeous, couture, one-piece suit; then by simply adding a skirt you're ready for the evening. This is Dovefly, by Riviera Couture.

Dovefly is a striking ensemble made from gorgeous, bone-toned satin fabric enhanced with sapphire blue edging. The most stunning statement about Dovefly is the cutout front and back, which is nearly outdone by the layered lace skirts, also trimmed in sapphire.
You'll look fabulous coming and going in Dovefly, by Riviera Couture. You need this!