Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bollywood Sunrise

All of the Bollywood gowns are amazing in their silk fabrics and vibrant colors! The silk top is wrapped around the waist then draped over one shoulder and around the back, secured in the front by a petite bow. The mini skirt is accented by the silks attached. It's definitely a must-have in your slcloset!

Get to Riviera Couture today to choose your favorite color! They're fabulous!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sexy Gitana

Sexy Gitana from Riviera Couture is an alluring gown featuring a low-cut wrap around lace top enveloping you with a gorgeous midnight blue silk and lace long, flowing skirt. You could wear this top with jeans, leggings, leather pants--as well. I adore the buttons down the back of the top, along with its sheer lace.
The skirt, itself, is such a beautiful color--the type of color and texture that looks like two different colors at once. Black in some light, and this sort of midnight blue in another light. It's enhanced by a lace bow and ties layered over skirting on the hip.
This is the European-inspired gown you need!

Notice the detail on the back--gorgeous!

Sexy, flirty and amazing! Sexy Gitana begins with a short, open neckline, belly-tie shirt. The long, satin skirt is worn at the hips and addorned perfectly with a blackk lace bow tied just below the right hip.

Black Rose

Black Rose, from Riviera Couture is a gorgeous, feminine and sexy asymetrical dress that'll make a major statement at your next formal event!

First, it's in my favorite colors, purple and black--fabulous! The GORGEOUS black tulle ruffle collar wraps delicately around one shoulder, draping off the other shoulder. The bodice has a large, black rose decorated by the cut-out opening on one side as it wraps to an intricate swirl of fabric opening on the spine. (smexy!)The skirt blouses with matching black tulle, combined with purple skirting, high on the thigh and continuing the asymetrical design. Run and get it today, at Riviera Couture!