Monday, November 2, 2009

Sexy Gitana

Sexy Gitana from Riviera Couture is an alluring gown featuring a low-cut wrap around lace top enveloping you with a gorgeous midnight blue silk and lace long, flowing skirt. You could wear this top with jeans, leggings, leather pants--as well. I adore the buttons down the back of the top, along with its sheer lace.
The skirt, itself, is such a beautiful color--the type of color and texture that looks like two different colors at once. Black in some light, and this sort of midnight blue in another light. It's enhanced by a lace bow and ties layered over skirting on the hip.
This is the European-inspired gown you need!

Notice the detail on the back--gorgeous!

Sexy, flirty and amazing! Sexy Gitana begins with a short, open neckline, belly-tie shirt. The long, satin skirt is worn at the hips and addorned perfectly with a blackk lace bow tied just below the right hip.

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