Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mistress --The Big Deal

Options...I love them! Especially with clothing! If you want eleventy-billion options, then get the Big Deal pack of Mistress at Riviera Couture! The Big Deal package is filled with many optional pieces such as the jacket and 3 different tops...but wait, that's not all. You can choose to wear the lovely lace embellishment on your neck or waist. Jacket on or off, different top colors, with or without jacket layer...here's just a few (!) that I came up with. Get to Riviera Couture for your many options--perfect for this time of year, and summer, too! /me fills the feed with pics Oh, and you can wear them all without the jacket, too!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bollywood Sunset and Bollywood Night

While everyone else on the grid is thinking snow and the holidays, I wanted a gorgeous sunset, so I put on my Riviera Couture Bollywood Sunset and enjoyed the view. You can too! This scrumptious ensemble in satin glory is available in three colors: Sunrise (already blogged) Sunset and Night. The amazing jewel tones are absolutely brilliant!
Vibrant colors and textures of the Indian fabric are no less than stunning! The top wraps beautifully over one shoulder and around the waist, gathered in the back and cinched with flowing scarves.

I just love how the skirts flow like waves, so beautifully!

Get Bollywood Sunrise, Sunset and Night at Riviera Couture. If you want to purchase them as gifts, you can do so on Xstreet.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Glamour Elle

Glamour Elle is amazing Italian design that can be worn during the day with a jacket or really spice it up in the evening at the club! It comes with a pocketbook, to keep your cell, i.d. and lipstick!
Intricate lace envelopes your shape with what could only be described as a cross between spandex and satin covering your naughty bits! ;) It's accented by lace points at the hip, elbows and collar. The mini skirt is draped just-so on the hips, in a perfect leggy way. Of course, if you choose not to wear a certain layer, it'd be revealing, for those "special" nights...Couture and sexy, all at once!
It's simply fabulous, and you MUST have this in your slwardrobe!! Get it TODAY at Riviera Couture!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Masquerade, shown in black, is a divine couture mix of lingerie and evening gown. Its magnificent top and bottom could equally be seen on the beach, sans skirt and fluffy lace collar. Shall we speak of the top? Scinillating in the way it barely covers the breasts and plunges on the waist; mirrored on the back, as it plunges down the *ahem* behind. The skirt is an ample bit of fluff only to be outdone by the lacy fluff of the collar. To me, the collar is the piece de resistance--the finishing touch to this lacy, racy, couture ensemble!! Get yours, at Riviera Couture!

Shown here at the Addictive Sim--home of Riviera Couture!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bollywood Sunrise

All of the Bollywood gowns are amazing in their silk fabrics and vibrant colors! The silk top is wrapped around the waist then draped over one shoulder and around the back, secured in the front by a petite bow. The mini skirt is accented by the silks attached. It's definitely a must-have in your slcloset!

Get to Riviera Couture today to choose your favorite color! They're fabulous!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sexy Gitana

Sexy Gitana from Riviera Couture is an alluring gown featuring a low-cut wrap around lace top enveloping you with a gorgeous midnight blue silk and lace long, flowing skirt. You could wear this top with jeans, leggings, leather pants--as well. I adore the buttons down the back of the top, along with its sheer lace.
The skirt, itself, is such a beautiful color--the type of color and texture that looks like two different colors at once. Black in some light, and this sort of midnight blue in another light. It's enhanced by a lace bow and ties layered over skirting on the hip.
This is the European-inspired gown you need!

Notice the detail on the back--gorgeous!

Sexy, flirty and amazing! Sexy Gitana begins with a short, open neckline, belly-tie shirt. The long, satin skirt is worn at the hips and addorned perfectly with a blackk lace bow tied just below the right hip.

Black Rose

Black Rose, from Riviera Couture is a gorgeous, feminine and sexy asymetrical dress that'll make a major statement at your next formal event!

First, it's in my favorite colors, purple and black--fabulous! The GORGEOUS black tulle ruffle collar wraps delicately around one shoulder, draping off the other shoulder. The bodice has a large, black rose decorated by the cut-out opening on one side as it wraps to an intricate swirl of fabric opening on the spine. (smexy!)The skirt blouses with matching black tulle, combined with purple skirting, high on the thigh and continuing the asymetrical design. Run and get it today, at Riviera Couture!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Not Exaggerating...This is Hot!

Exxagerate...Sexy, and sophisticated!

Greet your sweetie with a martini, and then retire to the boudoir where you can remove the tapestry & toile skirting & you're ready for, well, just about anything! I love the red satin bodice trimmed with black lace neckline & mini-skirt, sexy, flirty and sophisticated!

Pardon me, I need to go um, get to know someone! Get to know Riviera Couture at the newly-remodeled Addiction sim! There are some amazing things to do & some great photo ops!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Black Sangallo

Waiting for a man to come by me a drink or ask me to dance...so is the mood, but I feel fabulous in my gorgeous gown by Riviera Couture called Black Sangallo.

The intimitate details of the airy, plunging collar drapes fabulously over a sheer lace bodice...it reveals just a bit! The layered black satin skirt is adorned with a sweet black lace bow. For your next formal event, stop by Riviera Couture and you're certain to be fabulous!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who says halloween cant be sexy?

The arrival of cooler days, darker nights and christmas on the horizon means autumn's truely here...but never fear..Riviera Couture have come to the rescue with some amazing creations.
Seen above is the Desert dress, button poppingly low cut to the waist with an equally high slit to the thigh skirt. The textures on this dress are stunning with an almost basketweave effect to the gown, highlighted with tan leather belt (no prim to fuss with this belt is incorparated into the texture of the dress). A final flourish of a full bow on the hip in woodland fabric completes this beautiful alternative to the usual all hallows eve attire, treat yourself to something sexy this halloween.
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Addictive/122/102/31 taxi to the new updated sim, dont be the last to see the new creations
happy shopping sweetsmiling merlin x

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Perfect Color for Fall!

Okay, I'm not usually an orange girl, but orange you glad this color is Papaya? *wink* And moreso that you can get it free from Riviera Couture in the Mix & Mingle Hunt?

This ensemble is fun, and flirty with bit of retro thrown in for fun. The top laces around the back and covers oh-so-little in the front with the pattern over the breasts, and is tied by a satin drape at the back shoulder. The hip-hugging pants are belted with a drape that dresses one hip and moves when you're on the dance floor!

Go get it, today!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Noblesse in 5 colors to choose...you might need them all! Get them exclusively at Riviera Couture

Sunday, October 4, 2009

RC Mistress

Sheer black lace halter top, black mini skirt in black brocade, all put together for an amazing dress from Riviera Couture. Finishing touches for this dress are the belts just under the breasts and on the hips. Additional optional accents are lace embellishment either worn near the neck or at the waist. You can get the dress, alone, in with the top in 4 colors to choose, or get the fatpack which includes all four dresses and a jacket.

Get them today, at the Addictive sim...I'm standing in what will be the NEW & improved Addictive sim...stay tuned for details on the remodeled Riviera Couture there!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

RC *Glamour ELLE* & *Jo Jo*

Today, there are two beautiful, short dress designs to share with you.

First, is the amazing Glamour ELLE dress in a beautful, rich chocolate brown. Short and sexy, with the lace and textures we've come to expect from Riviera Couture. You will be the center of attention no matter where you go on the grid in this primilicious dress.

The dark hardware circles hold the dress together and allow for many peek-a-boo cutouts. Is the perfect foil to the luscious lace prims and beautifully textured material that make up the bodice and skirt.

This dress is not for the weak of heart as it commands you to feel the sexiest you have ever felt.

And you will!

Next is Jo Jo. This design appears, at first, like any other party dress. Take a closer look. It is, after all, a Riviera Couture design, so we know it's going to be anything but ordinary.

The gorgeous lacey prims at the top and bottom move in a way that teases the eye and anyone else looking at you. And all eyes will be on you when you wear Jo Jo. The top and bottom are the perfect compliment to the beautifully textured skirt and half top. They play off of each other to create a daring masterpiece of dark and light, soft and sexy!

These and more gorgeous designs can be found at Riviera Couture on the Addictive sim.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

**Riviera XAGGERATE!** (new release)

-Exciting new release from Riviera Couture-

This red hot number is to die for. The lacy prim skirt is sheer and teasing while the bodice is a rich, beautiful brocade effect. Trim at the bust mirrors the lace of the short front piece while the long skirt combines both the black lace and the red brocade feel of the bodice.

You will absolutely love the way you feel in this design!

You can find this creation and more inworld at Riviera Couture on the Addictive sim.

Monday, April 6, 2009

**RC New Spring Collection**

* Three new releases from Riviera Couture! *

First is the Bollywood.

This stunning gown has a wrapped bodice that hugs the curves nicely, accentuated by a cinched waist and short pants. From this sexy beginning comes flowing pieces that move in a sensual yet subtle way. You will feel ultra-feminine in this richly colored gown that makes for a strong entrance.

Bollywood comes in Night (above) and Sunset (left)

Next is the Mediterraneo, a gorgeous white gown with a layered skirt
flowing from the empire waist. The layers alternate between sheer
lusciousness and a softer layer and are tied together in the back
with a beautiful, sheer sculpted bow. If you want to feel like a modern day Princess,
this is the dress for you.

Last in this new release is the Noblesse which comes in five different color selections. Shown here in Ivory and Emerald.

The bodice is daring, accentuating the curves of the body. The edging is precise and smooth and outlined in delicate trim.

The pants layer is actually a wrap around piece that meets in the front with a sculptie prim of delicate white lace falling to mid-calf. On the sides, the skirt reflects the material of the bodice with its richness of color and softly flows around the body.

These pieces are bold and will make any avatar feel sexy and beautiful.
You can find these creations and more inworld at Riviera Couture on the Addictive sim.