Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lace: Sexy in Black and Sexy in Red

Rawwrrrr! You can't go wrong with black lace or red lace, and this week, my friends...I've got both! Or should I say, Riviera Couture has both.

Let's begin with Black Lace:
If you're hitting the clubs, you definitely want to pick this up. Lace Sexy in Black (or Red) is a showstopper and absolutely going to turn everyone's cam on you!

This ensemble has dual personalties--sweet, dainty, lace gown on the left, and sexy vamp on the right! Don't be afraid to show some scrumtious long leg in this dress!
Then, take the prim lace skirt off, and you're ready for the dance floor!
The Lace Sexy in Red is nothing short of spectacular in its own right. Both will make the blood boil with the revealing cut of them.
Mediteranean describes the intricate cut of these, both revealing yet so fitting for the runway. Get them both, today, at Riviera Couture!

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