Friday, June 18, 2010


Who says you can't get designer clothes for 100L? You can, at Riviera Couture! Get this beautiful, periwinkle blue ensemble that's 2 sets in one!
As always, Riviera Couture gives you options with your clothing. Worn as a halter dress accented with rhinestones on the waist and flowing chiffon mid-thigh skirt, it would be great for a garden or cocktail party.
The plunging neckline and gorgeous detail accenting the waistline is to die for! Then, when you turn, the detail doesn't stop!
The pantsuit, itself, is very dramatic, with cuffs that mirror the rhinestone waist in addition to scrolling embellishments up the legs.

Get yours, on the discount wall at Riviera Couture--only 100L!

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